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TypeSuitabilityWindow PriceDoor Price
80mm RevealSuitable for 70mm Stud (Fibro or Weatherboard Construction)$44-$63$69-$85
100mm RevealSuitable for 90mm Stud (Fibro or Weatherboard Construction)$45-$67$73-$91
116mm RevealSuitable for 70mm Stud (Brick Veneer Construction)$47-$73$77-$97
138mm RevealSuitable for 90mm Stud (Brick Veneer Construction)$49-$79$82-$106
Note: Reveals can be purchased as a flat pack for a reduced price. Contact us for details.

*All prices include GST

Use Our Online Store To Calculate Reveal Prices

Look for the door or window you are after in our online store, then click on the reveal options to easily calculate how much your order would cost with reveals installed.

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